Personal Finance Forecast
by Vinny Graphics

Version 1.3
For Windows 7/8/10

Personal Finance Forecast v1.3

The Personal Finance Forecast program allows financial analysis in the privacy of your own home. The package is driven by a financial math model that forecasts annual cash flow and net worth. It can be used for all age groups and should appeal to both professional and non-professional planners. Data entry is made easy by instructions on each page. Information can be entered in any order and intermediate results can be obtained at any time. The major financial assumptions can be modified if desired. The program can help the user answer questions such as:

1-When should I retire?
2-Should I buy a home?
3-How often should I replace my cars?
4-Can I afford to pay for college?
5-Where am I spending my money?
6-What changes should I make to retire early?
7-Can I afford to give a major gift to my children?
8-Will I run out of money? When?

The user will be asked to enter a snap shot of their current financial situation and their future plans. The program uses this data to forecast expenses, income and net worth as a function of user age. Estimates include the effects of inflation, home purchases, salary growth, pensions, social security, investment growth, automobile purchases, educational expenses, income taxes and tax deferred distributions just to mention a few.

For more details review the Personal Finance Forecast readme file.

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