Vinny Graph v4.1 for Windows Mobile or Pocket PC
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Vinny Graph for Windows Mobile or Pocket PC

Vinny Graph v4.1 is a a quick flexible FOUR data set XY graphing and regression analysis program which generates a series of different graph types. It is easy to use and accepts and exports data through a variety of sources. Data can be entered manually into a mini spreadsheet. It can also be pasted into the spreadsheet from other applications such as Excel. Complete graphs can be loaded from VIN graph files. The VIN files can be synchronized with Vinny DeskGraph (included free in zip package). No file translation is required. This process works in both directions so that files generated on the pocket PC can be viewed on the desktop PC and vice versa.

Vinny Graph v4.1 runs under Microsoft .net Compact Framework. If you are using Pocket PC 2002 or an earlier version you may need to install Microsoft .net Compact Framework to run Vinny Graph v4.1. Windows Mobile/Pocket PC 2003 comes with Microsoft .net Compact Framework pre-installed. If you wish, use the link at the bottom of this page for information about updating to Microsoft .net Compact Framework.

Vinny DeskGraph (The Pocket Companion)

Vinny Graph v4.1 for Windows Mobile or Pocket PC includes a desktop PC companion program called Vinny DeskGraph v4.1. This desktop companion can be synchronized using Microsoft ActiveSync with the Pocket PC version. Vinny DeskGraph provides for graph creation, display, editing, printing and savings in [.bmp] image format or [.vin] [.gra] file formats. Both programs now allow FOUR data sets and DeskGraph provides EIGHT different regression fits. The program can create and read both [.vin] and [.gra] files. This means that files generated by Vinny Graph for Pocket PC v4.1 or desktop Vinny Graphics v2.06 can be read directly by Vinny DeskGraph v4.0 with no translation.

Vinny Graph v4.1 allow flexibility in selecting graph types scale values and grids. Graph types include points, lines, bars, lines & bars and linear, 2nd order, log and power regression fits. Vinny DeskGraph v4.1 adds capability for 3th, 4th and 5th order polynomial regression fits and an expontial regression fit.

For more advanced math an interpolation window accepts X value inputs and provides an estimate for Y using a straight line connecting the XY points. It also provides Y estimates using the any of the regression fits. The values for the regression coefficients along with the coefficient of determination are dislpayed and can be copied.

Note: The [.vin] files generated by Vinny Graph v1.6x can be read by version 4.1. Version 4.1 adds a four data set capability, math column operations and a desktop companion program. For more program details and for more information about Microsoft .net Compact Framework review the Vinny Graph v4.1 readme file.

Available now, use the "Buy Now" icon below. It will allow you to purchase a Vinny Graph 4.1 and its companion PC program Vinny DeskGraph license for ($15) using PayPal or any major credit card. Please include your email address.

DOWNLOAD FREE trial of Vinny Graph v4.1 for Pocket PC and its companion PC program from CNET.

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DOWNLOAD FREE trial of Vinny Graph v4.1 for Pocket PC and its companion PC program from this site.

Microsoft .net Compact Framework

Note: Windows Mobile/Pocket PC 2003 ships with Microsoft .net Compact Framework pre-installed. Earlier Pocket PC versions can be updated to the .net Compact Framework free from Microsoft. If an update is desired link to Microsoft to download NETCFSetup.msi. After the download is complete connect you Pocket PC to your desktop computer. Make sure you are running Microsoft ActiveSync version 3.7 then click or double click on the file NETCFSetup.msi and follow the instructions on the screen to install the .net Compact Framework on your Pocket PC 2002 or earlier. If you have Windows Mobile or Pocket PC 2003 or have installed Microsoft .net Compact Framework on your Pocket PC then you should use Vinny Graph v4.1 instead, it is also available through Handango (See below).

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