Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2019 for Desktop PC

Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2019 is a $2 utility program that provides a quick estimate of your calendar year 2018 federal income tax. It is very simple to use. The following are suggested uses:

1- Quick estimate, are you due a refund?, do you have to pay more?
2- Evaluate various personal or itemized deduction possibilities.
3- Cross check your normal tax preparation results.

The program steps and its reference data are noted in the readme file. The zip package contains the complete 32-bit utility program for Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10.

The program steps are as follows:

Yellow boxes are for user input.
1-Select filing status radio button.
2-Check all exemptions that apply.
NOTE: Age and sight exemptions are applied
only if you use the standard deduction.
3-Enter your adjusted gross income in 1st yellow box.
4-Enter # of dependent childern under 17 in the 2nd yellow box.
5-Enter # of "Other Dependents" in the 3rd yellow box.
For "Other Dependents" see Instr 1040 - 2018 - pages 20 && 42'.
6-Optional: Enter itemized deductions in 3rd yellow box.
The program uses the larger of standard or itemized
7-You can revise entries at any time.
8-Use the [Clear] button to reset all values to zero.
When you exit the program a small file (vTax.txt)
in the vTax directory stores the last entered values.

Review Vinny Federal Income Estimator Tax 2019 readme file

Available now, use the "Buy Now" icon below. It will allow you to purchase a Vinny Federal Income Tax license for ($2) using PayPal or any major credit card. Please include your email so that the activation file can be delivered electronically. As soon as the payment is received a Vinny FEDERAL INCOME TAX activation code will be emailed to you.

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