Vinny DeskGraph v4.1

Vinny DeskGraph v4.1

Vinny DeskGraph is a very fast desktop FOUR data set XY graphing and regression analysis program. It can generate a series of 12 different graph types. It is easy to use and accepts and exports data through a variety of sources. Data can be entered manually into a spreadsheet. It can also be pasted into the spreadsheet from other applications such as Excel. Complete graphs can be loaded from VIN graph files. Vinny DeskGraph runs under Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/7/10. Vinny DeskGraph provides for graph creation, display, editing, printing and savings in [.bmp] image format or [.vin] file formats. DeskGraph can perform 8 different regression fits.

For more advanced math an interpolation window accepts X value inputs and provides an estimate for Y using a straight line connecting the XY points. It also provides Y estimates using any of the regression fits. The values for the regression coefficients along with the coefficient of determination are dislpayed and can be copied. Simple math operation can be performed on selected data columns.

For more program details review Vinny DeskGraph readme file.

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