Vinny Federal Withholding Payroll Tax Calculator 2019 for Windows PC v19

Vinny Federal Payroll Tax Calculator 2019 is a Windows utility for those that want to calculate federal payroll withholding, social security and Medicare taxes. This program is Shareware for calendar year 2019. If wages exceed $132,900 the Social Security rate can be changed from 6.2% to 0.0%. The utility is one in a series from Vinny Graphics. The zip package contains the complete 32-bit program for Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10.

The program is very easy to use and contains hints and help.

1-Select the Marital Status and Pay Period radio buttons.
2-Enter the number of dependents claimed.
3-Enter total or gross salary for selected pay period.
4-Enter other or misc salary adjustments, use minus(-) for deductions.
5-Click on [Calculate] button to calculate Fed Taxes and Net Salary.
7-Click on [Copy] button to copy all values to Windows clipboard.
8-Click on a single value to transfer it to the Windows clipboard.
9-Click on [Clear] button to start the process over again.
Note: You can toggle the Social Security rate between 6.2% and 0.0%
by clicking the Social Security Toggle button.

Review Vinny Federal Withholding Payroll Tax Calculator 2019 readme file

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